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Well we're back again, but I can't promise it'll stay that way. I'm trying very hard, but this bandwith problem is pretty serious and I'm also looking for a new host. Also drop by U2maddness as they have an absolutely GREAT new layout.


Well yet another new site is here but it's not about Unreal. It's just totally nuts and fun you should visit if you're feeling down or just when you feel stupid. lol dot org


A great new U2 site is here and you should really check it out sometime.


My appologies for the site being down again. In the time the site was down however I didn't manage to find U2alpha so stop asking please. But I did receive a few totally amazing screenshots of the alpha version from Kyle. They're gonna be up soon but they'll be hosted on another adress to prevent the main site exeeding its bandwith again. So next week you'll have your exclusive U2alpha screenshots and I'll have the site up and ready for ya.


Allright big news today as I just heard that U2 Alpha is out and I'm currently tying to get my hands on it. I just hope I can get it on the site but I'm sure I'll be able to figure something if I can't.


OK here's some good news for a change the new U2 screenshots and wallpapers are here. It's gonna take a while to load the pages but it's well worth you time. Page 5 and the wallpaper page contain the new pictures.

Yes!! the site has broken the record for visitors 2 times already and I'm proud to tell you that the 150 a day has been made.


It's a sad day today as NY and DC. have been hit by severe terrorist actions.
I'm very very sorry for anyone who has lost something or someone during this rain of action. Also some of the sites will be down for 24hours we will stay on-line but we will NOT update for 5 days whatever happens unless it's about another terrible thing.

I also want to include a minute of silence for all of the victims.


This is all I have to say at this time it's just terrible and nothing else.


OK the poll is down and I noticed that the results were divided half of you like the site or just don't hate is and the other half(which was slightly larger) think the site sucks. So as you've already read I'm working on better looks and best of all all browsers and most resolutions should be supported.

The UT map Adotahd is finally working now and it's in it's last test stage. The file is zipped up and is 777kb go and check it out.


Well first thing first the site of the week (wich is now site of the month) has been refreshed.
The link page also has a few new members so go and check them out, or use these links.

Unreal Probe
unreal2 center

Now here comes the best news of all I'm currently changing the interface of the site because I've had a lot op complains.


Finally I got the chance to update once again and updating will begin shortly. ^_^


OK listen up you guys this is important: Due to severe probs. with my computer(damn you Bill Gates)I'm forced to reinstall my computer so it's possible that the site will be off-line for a while. I've only got one thing left to say: I will be Back and I will be better than before. With two new sections of the site: Dragonball and Black&White.


So here I am once again I'm back but I won't be doing very much cuz there is no news. Yes I do have my review but it'll have to wait a little with that. ^_^


Well I'm sorry you guys I just wasn't fast enough to finish typing my review (actually I was too lazy to do it). And since I'll be gone for a week I will not be able to update. You can still send me E-mail's but when you do that be absolutely sure you mail it to this address: Saiyajinara@planetnamek.org if you don't mail to that address there will be a very big chance that I won't see your mail for another 3 weeks. Well good bye now and keep visiting the cuz I will be watching the visitor status. ^_^


I'm sorry I didn't update lately but news about Unreal2 doesn't grow on trees you know (and if it does let me know if it's a apple tree cuz I've one in my backyard). At the moment there is no important news about U2, but I can tell you that I've finished my review on paper so I'll just work it out on the computer and post it.


Another new link to a German site check it out it's pretty cool. Unreal2.hot-clan

Spencer Javis: Hi, just tell let you know that Eightball Maniac, My map reviewer is working his way through the maps on the site but so far both of the DavidM maps he has reviewed have got over 90%, you can read the full reviews with the good and bad points at www.totallyunreal.co.uk


Oh yeah please drop by the site of the week which is a new feature here even your site could be there as long as it looks good.

Allright man here's the news and it's a big one today. I think you already know what the news is, because It's over the whole site. Yes I changed the layout and I think it looks much better then before. There's a bit more color now that I've inserted my Banner on top every page. ^_^

Spencer Javis: "Just to let you all know that Totally Unreal are now posting reviews of the maps hosted by us, so if any of you have been to www.totallyunreal.co.uk and downloaded a map and get the urge to write a review than can e-mail it to me at the site and I will post it. Visit us now and get reviewing!"


So another new banner today the only bad thing about it is that it isn't working(grrr). So go to the link page and you'll see the banner that does work. Noting else really accept for the fact that I'm going to change the layout and bring some more color in to the site.


OK 2 new things today the first one is the most important. I've got a new banner and if you don't click on it I'll get very sad. If you click on it you'll help me get more visitors and wen the forum is up you'll have more friend to post with. The second is for the guys who like DragonballZ (like me). A DBZ mod for UT is coming up and I must say it looks impressive. At Planet Unreal you'll find some more details and a link to "the rebirth of fusion". If you have Quake3 you should also drop by this site Bid For Power because they have a dbz mod aswell and it looks even better then the the RF mod. They are changing the site so some of the pages are off-line. ^_^


Here is some interesting news for the Americans around here, an Unreal package is coming up in the US Totally Unreal is it's name and includes: Unreal ,Unreal mission pack, return to na Pali, Unreal Tournament and an exclusive footage of Unreal2 and Unreal Championship.
Now how is that I would just love to have it. They say the US is the last country to get the package but I never really saw it here in Holland so if anyone knows more about this mail it.


So here it is the new poll it's an easy poll so I hope you will all vote. I'm also working on something new for the site a review. A review?? you've got 8 already! now that's true but this review is my own review composed from all the info I've got so if you have any info about Unreal ll that is not on the site mail it.

OK as you might have noticed I took the poll down. The results were not too bad and the should come as planned(but don't ask me when). The next poll is about the colors of my site. This poll should come tonight. ^_^


So here I am again and today's news is that the poll will be gone by tomorrow and a new poll will come in its place. It's about the layout, because I had quite a few mails were people asked if I was a funeral undertaker or something like that (because of all the black).


Hi there I've got some news on the forum. I've got an address were I can get a forum for free, but I still need you to do 3 posts a week. This is because there is no reason putting a forum on the site if almost no one is gonna post. I hope you can understand that. So to keep this short if you don't post there won't be a forum, it's as simple as that.


OK pay attention everyone here comes the latest news on Unreal 2. The game should be playable on a medium range machine. That means a pentium 3 and 500mhz and a Geforce 1 card. If you have a higher card then the Geforce1 like a GF3 you'll see some very cool new features, but I've got no idea what new features. All the screenshots you've seen are from systems with GF1 or 2 cards. There is also a pretty good change there will be a version for the lower cards like TNT2 and voodoo 3,4. (so guys like me can play it too cuz I've a tnt2). The developers team hasn't decided to do a version for the first generation of cards. Well so far for the info I've got. On the official unreal2 website you can find the interview on which this story is based.(don't ask me were on the site cuz I can't find it either).

Finally here they are 2 new UC reviews. They're not mine but you should have been able to figure that out by yourself. I've got good news for the Forum too last night 2 new votes came in and we will soon reach the minimal requirements for the forum(which is one post every day). Wow I just heard the site has had 1000 hits last night and that in just 4 weeks.



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